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Eight years experience as South Portland’s Building

and Plumbing Inspector, and Maine Savings Bank

Construction Inspector. Prior to becoming an inspector

I was an industrial arts teacher and gained extensive

experience as a carpenter contractor.

Inspections have been made on all types of structures

including home, commercial buildings, hospitals,

condominiums and apartment buildings. Inspections

of these types of buildings have been made during all

phases of construction - from excavation through


I have made inspections of existing new structures for

code compliance and general building condition plus

providing home inspections since 1989.


Attended the University of Wisconsin and the University

of Southern Maine and earned a B.S. Degree in

Industrial Education and Technology Certified to teach

all phases of Industrial Arts.


• Maine State Certified Building Inspector

• Maine State Licensed Plumbing Inspector

• Maine State Certified Industrial Arts teacher majoring

in Building construction and architecture

• State certified Radon Tester and Pest Inspector

Home Inspection Report

Just a straight-forward, objective, nonexaggerated

explanation of defects are given. The written report is

emailed and sent by postal service within one day of





1. Foundation Cracks

2. Framing/Rafters

3. Floor System

4. Drainage

5. Dampness/Stains

6. Wood Rot


1. Roofs

2. Gutters/Downspout

3. Siding/Paint

4. Decks


IV. Plumbing

1. Waste/Supply Pipes


2. Bath Rooms

3. Water Heater

4. Kitchen

Serving Central, Southern and

Western Maine since 1989.

“Committed to provide you the

best inspection possible.”


Cost Schedule

WRITTEN REPORT - Home Inspection

Houses = $240.00

Mobile Homes & Condominiums = $165.00

Multifamily = $265.00

- Up to 2 Units

- Each Additional = $35.00

- First Time Home Buyers = $220.00


1. Panel Box Opened

2. Amp Rating/Wiring

3. Fire Hazards

4. Appliances


1. Furnace/Heat


2. Condensing


3. Heat Pumps

4. Above Ground

Oil Storage Tank



1. Windows/Doors

2. Insulation-R-Value

3. Attic Ventilation

4. Fireplaces

Steven M. Gerke

Full Service Inspection

& Consultation Service

(207) 892-4257 • (888) 382-6989



By attending the Home Inspection, the

purchaser gains valuable first hand

knowledge about the home.

What Systems and Components are Inspected?

The home is examined for hundreds of potential problems.

The Home Inspection and Report are organized into seven

major sections:

I. Foundation & Structure

II. Exterior

III. Roof

IV. Plumbing, Baths, Laundry & Kitchen

V. Electrical Systems, Appliances

VI. Heating & Air Conditioning

VII. Interior

Within each category, the major systems and components

of the home are identified, the existing conditions determined,

and the needed repairs or maintenance noted. An

estimate of the cost of repairs is provided for planning and

budgeting purpose.

What is required for a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection typically requires two to three hours

time, and an interest and desire to learn more about the

biggest and most important investment of a lifetime. The

home Inspection is a necessity for anyone unfamiliar with

the complexities of today’s home. The cost of the potential

major problems that can exist in a home today.

Are there any Limitations to a Home Inspection?

The Home Inspection is a visual inspection, focusing on

major problems and unsafe conditions. It is not a listing of

all the minor problems that may exist in a home. It is not

an insurance policy, nor is it a warranty that problems do

not or will not exist. Only those areas physically accessible

can be inspected. Very often there is no access into

crawl spaces or attics. A roof may be to high or dangerous

to climb. Surfaces may be covered with snow, debris, or

personal belongings that limit visibility. Destructive testing

can not be performed during a Home Inspection. As a

result of those limitations, there could be hidden defects

or other problems that may not be discovered during the

course of an inspection. The Home Inspection and Report will

inform you about these limitations.

Who should perform your Home Inspection?

The Home Inspection should be performed by an experienced

Professional Home Inspector. A Professional Home Inspector

is trained to recognize and analyze all types of home

problems, both major and minor, in all types of homes, old

and new. A professional Inspector will be able to provide an

unbiased, objective evaluation of a home, and present that

information in a format which allows the purchaser to act with

knowledge and confidence.

Why is a Home Inspection important?

Every home has some problems. Some homes have major

problems. Often, problems exist unknown even to the present

owner of the home. A Home Inspection reduces your risk of

home ownership by discovering any of the obvious problems

or defects before you purchase the home. The knowledge

gained through the Home Inspection allows the purchaser to

make a more informed decision, and, very possibly, to avoid

costly and unwanted problems in the future.

What is a Home Inspection?

A Home Inspection is an examination of the major components

and systems of a home. The inspection includes a Report

which provides the purchaser with an analysis of the condition

of these systems and the need, if any, for major immediate

repairs or maintenance.

What else is a Home Inspection?

Beyond a search for major problems, the Home Inspection is

also an evaluation of minor problems and maintenance

requirements; a comparative analysis of the home; and a

learning experience about the home, its systems, and components.

Minor problems and maintenance requirements are a

common element of every home. The home Inspection

outlines general nature of these elements. The home inspection

also provides a comparative physical analysis of the home

being purchased to that of other similar homes in the area. And

last, but not least, the Home Inspection is a learning experience.







Out Buildings, Barns, etc.

- Per Building $75.00

Radon Inspection

- Air - Two Test Sites - 3 Vials $90.00

- Water $60.00

Lead Paint Testing

- Call for a Quote

Water Analysis

- Standard Test $80.00

Septic Inspection

- Standard Inspection $150.00

Asbestos Sampling

- Call for a Quote

Insect Inspection - FHA Certified

- w/out Home Inspection $90.00

TankSure® Program - NEW!

- EPA Approved Ultrasonic Test &

Inspection (Included w/ every inspection)

- Includes these valuable benefits*

- Proactive $1,000 Tank Replacement Warranty

- Discounts on your Homeowner’s Insurance

- Scientific Analysis and Monitoring

*Warranty available through a TankSure® Program Participating Oil

Company. Call for more information about this valuable Program.

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